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Peter Hunt

Founder & Chief Doer

Hi there! I’m based in the beautiful Coromandel, and I'm here to help your business grow.


With over 25 years of experience under my belt, I’ve been helping businesses tackle their toughest challenges.

I’ve worked with some of the big names like Barclays Bank, British Airways, Skoda UK, Air NZ, Sleepyhead, Mercury Energy, and Sovereign, using market analytics and research to craft strategies and communication plans that work.

Here’s my simple approach, honed through years in top advertising and marketing agencies in New Zealand and the UK:

  1. Dive in and get the job done, no matter what.

  2. Think outside the box.

  3. The best strategies can be the toughest to implement.

  4. Being different isn’t always better.

  5. It’s better to be first in the market than the best-dressed.


When I’m not helping businesses succeed, you’ll find me enjoying football, rugby, cycling, books, and beer (not necessarily in that order).

I’d love to chat over a coffee (or beer) to see how I can help your business. And hey, even if we just enjoy a good chat, that’s a win!


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Tel: +64 21 623 040


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