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Solving business issues

Brief:  Translate a complex  business proposition into a simple one

The challenge was simply communicating a complex business-to-business proposition with many components into a simple, easily understood proposition.  Nuku Toi has a number of business features for a wide audience.

  • Māori-owned resource that aims to help Aotearoa-Māori entrepreneurs develop their ideas

  • It is a network of established contacts and connections aiming to accelerate ideas to market.

  • Nuku Toi provides a knowledge base and library with research papers and findings that can help business start-ups.  


Defined the brand around one word.... "Connection"

PHP broke down each feature and focused on the core benefit Nuku Toi's key audience market is looking for.  "Connection".  Connection to valued research, market insights and knowledge to bring their idea to market.  See 

PHP can help define the optimal value proposition to ensure your business's succeeds and stands out from the competition. 

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